History of the company

The Poya Metal Pouya Company has a land area of 15,000 square meters, comprising 5,000 square meters of indoor courtyard and equipped with 4 roof tiles of 10 tons, 6,000 square meters of storage space for building materials and ironworks, and 1300 square meters of office space and dormitories. It is located in industrial city of Tehran. The annual production capacity of steel constructions is typically 4,000 tons, up to 6,000 tons per year, as needed.

Pooshasazeh, with the help of technical specialists and experienced staff under the supervision of the technical office, has the ability to manufacture industrial strokkers, galleries, pipelines, reservoirs, bridges and special steel structures and metal complexes and components. In all stages of construction, the experts of the technical department of the metal department have been in constant contact with the quality engineers and engineers at the site of construction, and, while removing the technical problems and obstacles, and managing them, the construction work, both quantitatively and timing of the project, and in terms of Qualitative and observance of accuracy and tolerance announced in the maps and welding. Meanwhile, the experts will periodically visit and carry out the necessary quality controls and carry out the necessary steps before delivery in cooperation with the supervisors and inspectors of the employer, the delivery of the work to the delivery of the parts or the elimination of possible defects in each stage