Construction and installation of metal structures

Construction of all types of metal construction metal welds, bolts and nuts with the highest standard available and in accordance with technical regulations and installation of the project site, with the supervision of the survey team based on the project site.
Experienced team to carefully study maps and databases, to produce a shop with the best cutting direction to minimize throwing, having the necessary machines for precise fitting, heavy crane, automatic welding machine, sub-powder, automatic cutting machine, table Punch, CNC, variable chassis tables, column and bridge assembly in different tonnages, high-level personnel, as well as a team of locomotive engineers at the factory site, a three-dimensional skeleton software before starting to troubleshoot with accuracy in Limit of 2 mm for bolt and nut structures, types of surface and sub-surface testing of welds, non-destructive welding test operations in accordance with the application of oven Honorable, conducted in accordance with the latest standards and is installed with mobile mapping camera control.